How To Get A Copy of the Fire By Arthur Trading Engine Google Sheet

I have been getting a huge flood of messages asking for help on getting setup with the Fire By Arthur Trading engine code. I’m afraid I just don’t have time to help everyone, so I’ve created a public read only copy of engine within a Google Sheet. Here is how to get it . . . .

First, you need to use this link to get to the public copy:

One inside the read-only Google Sheet, go to the File menu and select “Make a copy”

Now you can browse to your newly made copy in your Google Drive. Open this file.

If you do not see a “Fire By Arthur Trading Engine” menu item appear within this file, you will want to go to Tools | Script Editor and within that script, select the “onOpen” function and click the run button.

Now, in the spreadsheet, you can select the “Fire By Arthur Trading Engine” menu item and click “Run.”

You will be prompted to allow this script to have permission to access files in your Google account, etc.

Also note, in order to run this engine, you will NEED to have a Tastyworks csv file export of your portfolio somewhere on your Google drive. By default, the file must be named p.csv (you can change this on the “Engine Config” tab in the Google Sheet). Your Tastyworks portfolio view MUST include these columns before you do the export in the Tastyworks platform:
Quantity, Cost, / Delta, Theta, NetLiq, Call/Put, Strike Price, DTE.

Finally, if you want the engine to get quotes from the TD Ameritrade API, you will need to sign up for a developer account at and get an API key, which is then configured on the Engine Config tab (after setting QuoteAPIFrequency to 1).

If you have questions, please post them at the bottom of this page. I must apologize, I have very limited time to help with this, but I’ll do what I can.

Happy trading,

J. Arthur Squiers


3 comments on “How To Get A Copy of the Fire By Arthur Trading Engine Google Sheet

  1. I’m doing something similar. I’m working on a desktop application that lets you import transactions from tastyworks CSV files and then you can group them together to create positions. Grouping them allows you to keep rolls and adjustments in the same position so you can easily see your total credit in a position and then be able to quickly see your true P/L. I may add in delta based alerts but I’m using TOS for that at the moment.

    It’s a javascript based app, written in typescript running on ElectronJS and VueJS. I’m not sure how well it will perform with larger data sets, so far I’ve only imported the last couple months worth of trades

    I’ve been looking at the TDA API so that I can start adding Delta numbers and prices. I wish I could get the data to calculate IV Rank and IV Percentile (do you ever take trades off based on IV dropping too low?)


    • Feel free to grab any TypeScript for my project that you find useful.

      I chose to build my app in GoogleSheets so that I can have a triggered process running in the cloud the makes calculations and sends me alerts. I also like using the spreadsheet format as my UI.

      I do not take trades off based on IV.


  2. I just made a copy of your Trading Engine and am impressed. I’m trying to change the cell color formatting on DTE. I want it to highlight at something less than 50 days. I tried changing ALERTDaysTillExpiration in Engine Config but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Any thoughts?


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