Why I Created an Open Source Trading Engine

I created an open source trading engine because I believe what we retail option traders really need in order to compete is brilliant technology to efficiently execute our personal trading plans.

We need things like Wingman, and whatever Option Alpha is promising to roll out.


And we can’t depend on brokers for this technology because they have enough to focus on by just running a brokerage. Plus, I don’t think we want to be handcuffed to one specific broker.

The fact is, most of us retail options traders have full time jobs. We can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be checking deltas and adding up rolled position credits all day. The full time traders and retired folks can do that. So, how do we keep up with them?


Not only would a trading engine do all the processing to keep us informed, but even more importantly it keeps us disciplined in following our plan. If we are cowboy slinging with our accounts, and trying to make hero trades when things are going against us, I believe we will lose money in the long run.

With that in mind, my goal in creating this open source trading engine is not to compete with professional companies.

On the contrary, I am trying to open up the market space by getting traders interested in what technology can accomplish for them. Not to mention, I hope to provide other entrepreneurs with ideas and code that can help them in their endeavors.

I believe that would benefit us all.

Apple Watch face with position data.

If you want to check out my project, you can visit this page: Fire by Arthur Trading Engine

Also, if you are a developer who is interested in contributing to this project, be sure to contact me through this blog so I can give you access.

Happy trading!

-J. Arthur


2 comments on “Why I Created an Open Source Trading Engine

  1. Great post.



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  2. how did you get google sheets to show up on your apple watch like that?


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