Disney World Trip Planning

Which type of Disney World person are you?

People love Disney World for many reasons. Here is a list of the primary types of Disney World fans. If you figure out what type you are, it can help you plan your next trip. Most Disney World visitors are a blend of these, yet one trait in particular usually stands out.


Ride Junkie

Some folks only go to Disney World for the rides. They view it as a trip to an amusement park. Granted, if you are searching for pure thrill rides, Disney World is probably not the ideal place to go. Something like Six Flags might be more likely to give you the pure adrenaline rush you seek.

The rides at Disney World are all about atmosphere and fantasy, with a few big thrills mixed in. For some ride junkies, the Disney visual and emotional quality of rides is what they are looking for; to them everything else that comes with Disney World is considered minor, including where you sleep. Such visitors are the least likely to stay on property.

Park Commando

Park commandos are people with one goal in mind—to do as much stuff as humanly possible. They will arrive at the park when it opens and go, go, go . . . until it closes. You may hear them say things like “no time for breaks” or “you can sleep when you’re dead.” Some ride junkies are actually a breed of park commandos, they just focus on hitting the big rides as many times as they can. Usually a family will be in “park commando” mode in an effort to get as much of their money’s worth as possible, though they often end up dragging around very worn out and crabby kids. Park commandos might stay in a Disney World resort, and if they do it is mainly for the ease of getting into the parks at sunrise and having a ride back to their room at close.


Character Hunter

The character hunters tend to be the true blue fans of Disney movies. The highlight for them is meeting and interacting with the princesses, the Mickey gang, and the vast array of other movie icons throughout Disney World. Usually a character hunter will carry some kind of autograph book around to collect character signatures. They just love the element of fantasy and imagination that comes with these encounters.


Disney World Foodie

The dining experiences available at Disney World range from greasy fast food, to heavily themed character meals, to world class signature dining. For a certain group of fans, the massive variety of restaurants is the highlight of their trip. There are some people who claim that the food at Disney World is not good, but they are just going to the wrong places. Literally every imaginable type and level of food can be found there, if you know where to look.


Resort Lounger

Some people love hanging around the Disney World resorts as much as going to the parks. This is especially true for the deluxe resorts, with their meticulous theming, extravagant pools, and huge lobby areas. It is quite common for folks to take an entire day or more during their trip to just relax at their resort, or visit other resorts to look around.


Atmosphere Soaker

Finally there are those who are just ecstatic to simply be there and take it all in. They do a little bit of everything, including wandering through all the shops and nooks, as well as stopping to watch the shows. Atmosphere soakers are the most likely to stay in a Disney World resort they carefully select, as they are enthralled with just living in the magic than anything else.

Though you might think of some other types of Disney World fans, I think this list covers the primary ones. Which one best describes you?

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Jared Lee

Jared Lee


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