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The 10 Adult Must-Do’s at Disney World

Disney World is not just a kid’s place.

Okay, much of it is directed at children—especially the child inside all of us. But there are also many experiences that make a full grown adult overcome with wonder. I was not aware of this before my first voyage to Walt Disney World. In fact, I was dreading our trip. I kept thinking we’d just get it done, say we’re done, and never go back.

Needless to say, I came back a changed man. Hence this blog and our subsequent trips.

So here is the definitive list of must-do’s that are especially geared toward adults.

#1 Have a beer in Epcot’s Germany


For the most part, I like to avoid alcohol consumption at Walt Disney World. However, having a German beer in Epcot and sitting near the fountain on a sunny day is fantastic. If you are not into beer, just enjoying the detailed surroundings in this area is a must.

#2 Enjoy a signature restaurant

Most folks aren’t aware of just how good the restaurant selection is in Walt Disney World. Depending on your budget, all levels of prestige are available. Boma is one of my favorites, as well as Liberty Tree Tavern and Be Our Guest. If you are into true fine dining, there are many options as well.

#3 Visit The World Showcase at night

Of all the places that come alive at night, the World Showcase at Epcot is among the best. A walk around the entire lake, with a quick stop to admire each country, is a definite must.

#4 Watch Illuminations at Epcot

Epcot - Peace on Earth

All of the night shows are moving, no matter your age. Yet, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is especially appealing to adults. The message of peace and humanity is so powerful, and the pyrotechnics are so spectacular, that nobody should miss out on seeing it.

#6 Take the monorail to Disney’s Grand Floridian

The Victorian elegance and majesty of the Grand Floridian would be difficult to find in a hotel elsewhere. I always enjoy visiting the resort and sometimes eating at 1900 Park Fare. In another post, I mentioned how amazing the lobby is during Christmas time. Yet the Grand Floridian is worth visiting at any time of year.

#5 Ride a Ferry Boat

There are many different ferry boat routes in Disney World. One of my favorites departs from Magic Kingdom and sails the Seven Seas Lagoon. The scenery of Magic Kingdom and the resorts around the lakes are gorgeous, and you get a perspective view that many people miss out on.

#6 Walk around The Boardwalk


The Boardwalk around Crescent Lake, near Epcot, is beautiful and refreshing. At night, there are performers and the atmosphere is jovial. There is also a piano bar, called Jellyrolls, and the Atlantic Dance Hall, for those so inclined.

#7 Visit Disney Springs

There are plenty of nightlife options at Disney Springs, including the House of Blues and a movie theatre.  You can also eat at one of the many restaurants, or shop for something other than Disney gift shop merchandise.

#8 Relax in a hot tub

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort and you’ve tucked the kids in for the night, you might want to head down and soak in one of their hot tubs. My favorites are the ones at Animal Kingdom Lodge, as they are hidden down jungle paths and tend to be more secluded.

#9 One Man’s Dream


This museum walks you through Walt Disney’s life and career; it can inspire you to do great things of your own. The imagination and determination that he possessed is something we can all appreciate.

#10 Get a workout in

During a full vacation of eating Disney World food, it can feel good to hit the gym a couple times. I’ve visited the workout areas of a few deluxe resorts, and they were very nice. There is a full range of modern equipment for lifting weights and cardio.

While there are countless things to enjoy in Walt Disney World, I’ve given you the must-do’s that are geared specifically for adults. Be sure to check them out on your next trip!

Photo Credit:

Jeff Krause Photography Epcot – Fountain Focus via photopin (license)

Jeff Krause Photography Epcot – Peace on Earth via photopin (license)

Jeff Krause Photography Disney’s Boardwalk at Dusk HDR via photopin; (license)

Anna Fox Sleeping Beauty Castle (license)


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