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Why Christmas Season at Disney World is Life Changing


Of all the different seasons at Disney World, I have never seen a more magical time than December. I believe everyone should visit during Christmas time at least once in their lifetime. I will describe some of the more tangible things to enjoy during December. Yet, the difficult aspect to explain is the overall feel. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

First off, Magic Kingdom will blow you away with all of the holiday lights. From Christmas trees, to the buildings on Main Street USA, to the sparkling castle that looks like it’s covered with a million twinkling stars. It is a moving scene that brings many people to tears. While each park has it’s own large scale holiday decor, Magic Kingdom is in its own galaxy of beauty.

Oh, and Santa Claus is at Magic Kingdom as well; you can wait in line to see him. Of course, of all places, the REAL Santa Claus would be in Walt Disney World (wink).

There are also many subtle changes throughout the parks, such as the Jungle Cruise ride becoming the “Jingle Cruise,” with a full holiday theme and overlay. Statues will often have a santa hat, or some presents. Some of the windows that usually have theme music floating out of them will have subtle Christmas songs playing.


In addition to the parks, the resorts are just as festive during this time. I recommend visiting some of the deluxe resorts, even if you aren’t staying at one. Be sure to make a trip to Disney’s Grand Floridian, as there is always a life sized gingerbread house from which you can buy . . . . well, gingerbread of course.

Each of the deluxe resorts has a signature Christmas structure in the lobby during the month of December. My family stayed at the Yacht Club, and while we were there the cast members assembled a giant winter train set. The landscape around the train was so detailed and beautiful that we would just stand around it and stare for a long time while sipping hot cocoa.

Even Disney Springs has a lot to offer during the holidays, including a Christmas Tree Trail, complete with blowing snow. As a Minnesota native, I will say that the snow is a valiant attempt and a nice touch.

Many other special treats exist throughout Disney World during the month of December. Even though schedules usually make it difficult to visit during the holidays, it will always be my favorite time to go.

Photo Credit:

Sam Howzit source(license)

Matt Correia source(license)


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