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How To Rock the FastPass+ System at Disney World

You should never have to wait in line forever for a ride at Disney World. Not if you do it right. Most of the folks who complain about waiting to get on a popular ride did not leverage the Fastpass+ system very well. Follow these steps to make sure you are always one of the lucky people scooting up to the front of the line


#1 Reserve them as soon as possible!

60 Days ahead of time . . . .

If at all possible, you want to stay on Disney World property. One of the many reasons is that you are then allowed to reserve all of your FastPasses as early as 60 days prior to your arrival date, using the Disney World website. This advantage cannot be overstated, as the popular rides fill up fast!

If you don’t stay on property, and just purchase park tickets, you have to wait until 30 days prior to when the FastPass+ will be used before you can reserve them. By that time, all of the people staying in the Disney Resorts will have gobbled up the crowded rides, so you’ll be looking at It’s A Small World and Living With The Land . . . . which are still good rides, of course.

#2 Use the Official Disney World Mobile App

Once you have used up your initial 3 FastPasses for the day, while you’re in the park, you can use the mobile app to get additional FastPasses (one at a time, each after using the previous one). You simply find a ride that has open FastPasses, select it, and your MagicBand will get you in the fast lane on that ride. This becomes a bit of a fun game, depending on which rides have FastPasses available. You can really get on some quality attractions without significant waiting. This can be done up until the park closes, so it’s possible to squeeze in a lot of FastPasses well into the evening.

Finally, be aware of the time of day that each FastPass is valid. You don’t want to get stuck on the other side of the park and miss out on your window.

Now you can smile and wave as you pass by everyone and get on your favorite ride.

Photo Credit:
Theme Park Tourist source (license)


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