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5 Ways To Add A Little More Magic to Your Disney World Trip

Disney World is the most magical place to visit. Here are a few tips to add a little more pixie dust to your experience.

1. Pin Trading

This activity adds a layer of fun onto your Disney World experience. Most cast members, throughout the parks and resorts, have unique and interesting pins to trade. They are always happy and enthusiastic to trade with anyone. Here’s secret piece of advice, the pins sold in the stores are pretty expensive and it’s much cheaper to buy them used online. You can trade them for nice new ones with cast members—just make sure you buy authentic Disney pins, or they won’t be tradable.

2. Count Hidden Mickeys


The hundreds of hidden Mickeys all over Disney World add an element of whimsical curiosity, no matter where you go. Having kids keep track of how many they have spotted is a fun little game. This also encourages an appreciation for the meticulous detail and creativity that goes into the theming all around you.

3. Disneybounding


The idea behind Disneybounding is to choose a character and dress the way they might dress if they were wearing contemporary clothes. This usually involves wearing colors that remind you of that character. The trick is that guests aged 14 and older are not allowed to wear “costumes,” so you’ll want to be careful not to cross over into that threshold. As a man, I think this is a little more difficult. I usually just wear themed t-shirts.

You may have noticed that Disney World is an interesting dichotomy: On one hand, you have surroundings that are a finely crafted theme with meticulous detail and imagination, and then you have all of us guests who look like a mob of . . . . well, tourists. Disneybounding is one way to offset that, a little bit.

4. Create Autograph Books

It’s fun (and a good ice breaker, frankly) to have Disney World characters sign an autograph book when you meet them. You can buy autograph books for this purpose, and we have done that for a few of our visits. However, if your kids enjoy creative projects, they can make their own autograph books ahead of time. My daughters have done this, and the characters are usually especially delighted when there is a “special place” for them to sign. It’s also an exciting way to prepare for an upcoming Disney World vacation. If you are doing it right, a big part of the fun is the preparations for your trip!

5. Get A Disney Rewards Visa Card


This depends on your sensibilities about getting a new credit card. That said, I have found the extra perks you get in Disney World to be worth it. The special character experiences, for card holders only, are a nice bonus. We had a secret Kylo Ren meet and greet that turned out to be the best character experience ever. The Disney Rewards Visa card also gets you 10% off at certain restaurants and stores in Disney World. In addition, you often get a few days notice ahead of everyone else on free dining plan offers, and resort discounts, which can make all the difference in taking advantage of those deals.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that add that extra spark of magic to your Walt Disney World vacation. The five I described were great for my family; hopefully they can enhance your experience as well.

Photo Credit:
Aimee LeBlanc Walt Disney World January 2016 via photopin (license)
botisaurusrex Kylo Ren via photopin (license)
AndGeorgeMakes4 Studios Hidden Mickey sighting via photopin (license)


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