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Monday’s Random Nook

Disney World isn’t just about rushing from one ride to the next. Sometimes, it’s great to find a place to just sit and look around, taking in all the detail. A moment of peace among the storm. There are hundreds of perfect magical places to do this. I call them “random nooks.”

Each Monday, I like to write about a particular nook that I’ve enjoyed. Maybe you’ll notice some of these places on your next trip and take a minute to soak in the magic at a few of them.

The Fountain In Germany at Epcot


As you sit near the fountain, you can admire the exquisite detail that has gone into the buildings in Germany. Disney used all of its greatest techniques for creating a feeling of scale and grandeur. The giant castle looming in the background is an impressive touch. The flowers under the window sills, the balconies, and the clock—all create the cozy feeling of a little German town from many years past.

It has become a tradition for me to grab a nice stout beer and sit next to the fountain, listening to the loud gurgle of the running water and gazing off at the castle of whatever German monarch currently resides there. And yes, I often pretend I live behind one of the shuttered little windows with the ornately carved wooden frames and the soft glow of light coming from inside.

Then I am snapped back to reality—at least semi-reality, as it were in Disney World—and it is time to move on to the next pavilion.

Photo Credit: Jeff Krause Photography Epcot – Fountain Focus via photopin; (license);


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